A Different Way To Think About Packaging

for the past 4 weeks I have been attempting to spark a conversation about Pricing Strategy against the backdrop of a recent Harvard Business Review article: “How to Stop Customers From Fixating on Price.” Candace Franco responded with great insight: 

“Very thought provoking … but here is one I’d like to talk over with someone … why are most of the package offerings I see on GPL’s categorized by final disposition? Such as cremation with full service etc. why not categorize by ceremony … such as “religious remembrance”, “life celebration”, maybe even a “destination” offering? I really like the idea of an “expeditious” package for those who think they want quick. To me the value of what you all do is in the service not the final disposition. The way it is now service always feels like an add on when I think it should be the focus.”

We need to think about this insight and, hopefully, talk about it.  My take is we categorize this way partly because customers often start with “I want cremation” so we think we are responding to that issue.  But I also think that it is our way of saying: “With casket or without casket”. 

Candace’s point has gotten me to wondering if we couldn’t sidestep that issue and do a better job of relating with families if we just let go of the casket issue altogether.   Why not have a Catholic Funeral Plan, a Military Honors plan, a Simple plan, etc, etc, etc.   I can anticipate that someone might say “too complicated”.   38 caskets on display is complicated…not to mention expensive.

I wonder…

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