Are You Ready To Loosen Your “Death Grip” On The Past?

Alan Creedy's Blue Ocean Tour September 25 - 27, 2013

Join Us To Experience The Next Generation Funeral Business Model

Where is Death Care going?

This question is on everyone’s lips and yet we remain stuck. This last winter, I saw the future and I want to take you there.

  • How would you like a facility that is effectively “no cost” to your funeral business?
  • How would you like to expand your service offerings and realize enough new revenue that the issue of burial vs. cremation is no longer relevant?
  • How would you like to establish a new competitive position in your market and not have to market it on price?

This two day workshop is intended for those seeking new and better approaches to profitability and competitive strategy in today’s complex world.  Together we will take a journey and be immersed in the Blue Ocean strategy and how it has been (and can be) applied to funeral service.

CAUTION: In many ways this is a real “Paradigm Buster.” No, we won’t be throwing “baby’s out with bathwater.” But we will be challenging some very expensive and very harmful paradigms.

What Is Blue Ocean Strategy?

In short, a Blue Ocean is crafting a new business model in a transforming market, thus creating an uncontested market space – a “Blue Ocean.” Funeral Service today has become so competitive that it is… READ MORE

Why A Tour?

David Sanders, renowned sales expert, once said “You can’t teach a kid to ride a bicycle in seminar.” And so it is with us.

Be honest with yourself, how often have you come back from a really good seminar and actually implemented what you learned? Instantly, on return, you are caught up in the day to day, you get pushback from your people, the “Tyranny of the Urgent” erodes your resolve…AND NOTHING HAPPENS. So the terrible truth is you can’t teach a practitioner anything new in a seminar…. READ MORE

Key Takeaways from the Tour:

This tour is not for slackers. You will be expected to:

  • Expand your thinking relative to new revenue opportunities in funeral service
  • Develop and practice what you will report to your team when you go home
  • Identify at least one goal for implementation and create a prioritized plan for implementation within the next 12 months.
  • Reverse your predisposition to feeding problems and starving your future and start building a brighter and better future…TODAY!
  • Network with like-minded practitioners that will help you achieve your goals and make at least one new friend.
  • CONTRIBUTE to both your growth and that of other attendees.


Program Content and Where We Are Going:

You will be visiting and learning from a firm that has successfully re-imagined or reinvented itself and found: READ MORE

Blue Ocean Testimonials:

“It’s easy to stay in our comfort zones and continue business as usual.  Spending time with Alan on his Busman’s Holiday to Anderson-McQueen’s fantastic operation was a wonderful blend of theory and reality..READ MORE

Who Should Attend:

You Should NOT attend if you have all the answers, your business is producing a ton of cash and you believe your model is eternally sustainable. But let me know because I want to bring my next tour to see you… READ MORE

What To Bring:


$1,295 for first attendee                        $625 for second attendee

Fee includes: Lunch, Dinner and bus transportation at the event.

Early Bird Discount:

Registrations received by August 20, 2013 receive a 10% discount.


Space is Limited Register Early To Avoid the Waiting List


Dates & Transportation

Arrive in Knoxville, TN in time for 6:30 PM meet and greet followed by “dutch-treat” dinner.

Program will end NO EARLIER THAN 3:30 PM Friday Sept. 27th.



A primary purpose of this adventure is to grow your network and learn from each other. We will arrange bus transportation between the hotel and the subject funeral home. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU PLAN ON JOINING US ON THE BUS.


Special rates have been negotiated for Sept. 25th and 26th at the Knoxville Airport Hilton.

Click Here to go to their special rate page.

Rules, More Rules and Policies

Registration Acceptance:

Out of respect for proprietary information, competitive risks undertaken and just the plain “blood, sweat and tears” experienced in forging new trails we will not accept registrations from firms in direct competition with our host.

First priority will be given to DeathCare Practitioners. Non-Practitioners will be placed on a waiting list until all practitioners have been registered.


Some vendors have volunteered to provide support in the form of advertising, participant gifts and other “like-kind” support. Sponsorship entitles them to one attendee and recognition. Please thank them for their support with your patronage.

Continuing Education Compliance:

If you wish to apply your participation to satisfy any CE requirements it is your responsibility to apply to your licensing authority or other governing body IN TIME to be approved. We will provide documentation to anyone who forwards their  requirements and application forms and, where possible, submit the application. We cannot anticipate this need unless you notify us.

Full Participation:

Each attendee is expected to be present at all functions.  Group lunches and dinners are actually part of the learning program.  PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE LATE OR LEAVE EARLY.

We believe a workman is worthy of his hire:

Our host firm has graciously made their staff and facilities available for our study. We are renting their facilities and paying for their other support (food, entertainment) at their regular prices. You are encouraged to optimize your time with them and explore whatever you would like. Some attendees may want to follow up in greater detail. We believe a limited amount of further inquiry is appropriate but encourage everyone to respect the value of our host’s time. In the event you want to return with other colleagues we encourage you to offer to pay for their time. We hope that our Blue Ocean Tours will set a new standard for our profession by not assuming host firms should provide their time and expertise for free.

We do not believe host firms should be discouraged from charging a fee for aid and assistance requested by others (attendees or otherwise) that will accelerate adoption of their ideas.

Cancellations and refunds:

Lodging and travel accommodations will be arranged for directly by each attendee.

It is necessary for us to make commitments prior to the meeting. Paid registrants who cancel by August 20 will receive a full refund. Cancellations after August 20 and before Sept 13 will receive a 2/3 refund. Cancellations after Sept. 12 will receive a 1/3 refund.


Space is Limited Register Early To Avoid the Waiting List