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Breaking The Cycle DeathCare is in its 13th year of declining profitability.  Last year is reported as our worst year ever and it’s beginning to tell.   Answer these questions: ___Do you sometimes feel trapped? ___Do you sometimes dread going to work? ___Is it easier to do it yourself than tell […]

How “Best Purpose” Trumps “Best Practice”

How a part time hostess taught me the most valuable lesson. It was late 1989.  Rachel was then in her mid 70’s.  A retired school teacher, she had worked for us for about 6 or 7 years.  She was a quiet, unassuming and gracious woman who had that gift of […]

Why Are We Here?

An Easy, Practical Way to Engage Staff In an aprocryphal story a “burned out” Russian Priest takes a sabbatical in a wilderness retreat hoping for renewal and reenergizing.  Depressed and discouraged, he takes a walk in the nearby woods and stumbles on a military encampment.  Immediately, he is challenged by […]

The Warning Signs of Becoming Irrelevant

Wise words from Coach Nick Saban, Football Coach, University of Alabama Are you in danger of becoming irrelevant?  It’s easy, you know?  Countless organizations have achieved this dubious distinction. Here are the warning signs: Facilities are outdated and tired looking Staff are disengaged, marking time and unmotivated More time is […]

A Great Example of Handling the Press

My friend, Mike Lyons, owns the Watkins Cooper and Lyons Funeral Home in Clarksville, VA.   He is a little bit of a wunderkind in that he has successfully expanded his trade area across state lines by at least 35 miles.  But that’s another story for another time.  I wanted to […]

Should Packages Be Discounted?

5 insights to packaging funerals Numerous funeral homes are implementing and experimenting with package pricing with excellent success.  But little is known about the principles of packaging (elsewhere known as bundling) outside of the fact that fast food and car dealerships have been doing it for years.   Those that have adopted package plans […]

Do You Have a Chief Emotion Officer?

Here is an interesting insight into a unique attribute of some family businesses and applications to non family staff management. Turnover is expensive, we all know that, but prevention can be a valuable way to resolve the problems you may be facing. 5 practices family firms use (or should use) […]

Building a Culture

Here is an interesting article. Maybe you saw this episode on “Undercover Boss”. These are the kind of people you want working for you. This article gives you an insight into how you attract and keep the kind of person that cares as much about your business as you do. […]

The One Question You Need To Ask

Is it too much to ask for a simple, easy to understand customer survey that is accurate and corresponds directly with repeat business and profitability? Something you can understand and follow through on at a glance? Turns out it is not. A few years ago a Bain and Company Executive […]