Customer Service: What Does It Look Like

starbucksHere is a great video that you should watch with your staff and talk about.

QUESTION: How do you mentally prepare yourself to wholeheartedly serve people each day?


  1. Great video, Alan –

    Here’s an “oldie but goodie” about customer service – Johnny the Bagger:

  2. Howard Beckham says:

    Many years ago as a 18 year old working at J.C. Penney Co. I began to understand the real importance of customer service. It dawned on me one day that it really wasn’t Penney’s that paid me, it was the customers I was helping who purchased items from me at Penney’s that I was “really” working for. I used to go out of my way to be helpful on the sales floor no matter what department they put me in. (I did find it a bit awkward once when a floor manager with a sense of humor assigned me to ladies interment apparel one evening). When I later moved in the selling photocopiers form several years on commission I really learned who my “real” boss was….my customers. When they bought from me I got paid….how simple is that to figure out. And who made sure the customers who bought from me where taken care of properly when they had a service issue, you can bet who the customer frequently called first.
    When I returned to the funeral business over a decade ago now, this time as a licensed funeral director I have tried to remember the lessons I have learned about customer service and have endeavored (even though I at times felt like I was pushing a boulder uphill) to be an example to others of a positive attitude and selfless service. I can see a difference it has had on many people I am around. I might be making some small positive difference.
    In the Scriptures we learn so many great things….especially about service to other. Three concepts ring in my ears most every day.
    1. You receive no witness until after a trial of your faith.
    2. Sometime you just have to press on, enduring until the end with faith.
    3 When you are in the service of others, it is the same as if you are serving The Master.
    We are in a service business why beyond what other service businesses are. What we do day in and day out is actually important. We need to remember that and do it well.

  3. After watching this video, it really me of a great lesson. When I started my career I was working at a very large funeral home in Dallas. The team of 28 Funeral Directors was awesome, they all worked together, celebrated achievements together and served our families with the greatest of compassion. The General Manager had is office in a cubical amongst the entire staff with nor fancy office or sense of entitlement. He was willing to do the work, and what was important to him was important to us. He retired a year after I started. The new manager build a corner office upstairs and only came down to talk numbers with those director’s not meeting their prescribed sales average. It only took 6 months to watch sales, go down, moral go down and huge mistakes happening everyday it felt like. All the Funeral Directors stopped working for the family and were now focused on keeping their job. This is when I learned that the best Team Leader will always have a successful team. When I experience bad customer service, i don’t even bother asking for the Manager, because it has proven itself over and over that the Manager has the same bad service as their employee they hired and trained.

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