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4 Early Signs You May Be Losing Control of Your Business

Recently I read something that triggered an insight.  In my Funeral Home Consulting practice it is clear that businesses don’t just suddenly spin out of control.  Except in the rare case of disruptive innovation like an unconventional competitor, calamity does not occur overnight.  “Things” start happening well before the challenges […]

This question and its brother: “How much does a funeral cost?”  Are non questions.  When we attempt to answer them directly with rational logical explanations we only end up annoying most people.  Especially if we weigh them down with a litany of hours, cost of having a building and the […]

Confessions Of An Anxiety Addict

It began when I read this on the wall of a doctor’s office: “When you expect things to happen, Strangely enough, they will happen. Your expectations energize your goals And give them momentum. Your life will always respond to your Outlook.  So, set your goals high. You must first expect […]

Why Funeral Directors Need Two Eyes

In his controversial series challenging the belief that Funeral Service is in the “Grief Business” Dale Clock provocatively pushes us to examine what business we are really in.  It is a conversation long overdue and, regardless of which side you are on, absolutely necessary to our future. This is more […]

We Need To Stop Hiding

Two weeks ago in my article, “A Horrifying Revelation About Price”, I adressed two issues:  Opportunity Cost and our inadequacy in handling price shoppers. Last week I drilled down a little deeper on the issue of Opportunity Cost in “If Lee Iacocca Owned a Funeral Home”. This week I will […]

Interrupting This Blog For an Urgent Message

Once in a while something comes along that deserves to be viral.  Something that speaks to the common good and addresses issues deep enough to be shared by everyone.   Intelligence indicates knowledge not wisdom. A wise man knows how to use his knowledge to make a good decision. A […]

The Rewards Are Priceless

More Casket Merchandising Insight From My First Guest Writer: In 1982 my father turned day-to-day operation of our funeral home over to his 31 year old son . . . me.  Gone from him and new to me were the day to day decisions.  He was there for wisdom, but […]

Breaking The Cycle DeathCare is in its 13th year of declining profitability.  Last year is reported as our worst year ever and it’s beginning to tell.   Answer these questions: ___Do you sometimes feel trapped? ___Do you sometimes dread going to work? ___Is it easier to do it yourself than tell […]

How “Best Purpose” Trumps “Best Practice”

How a part time hostess taught me the most valuable lesson. It was late 1989.  Rachel was then in her mid 70’s.  A retired school teacher, she had worked for us for about 6 or 7 years.  She was a quiet, unassuming and gracious woman who had that gift of […]