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4 Early Signs You May Be Losing Control of Your Business

Recently I read something that triggered an insight.  In my Funeral Home Consulting practice it is clear that businesses don’t just suddenly spin out of control.  Except in the rare case of disruptive innovation like an unconventional competitor, calamity does not occur overnight.  “Things” start happening well before the challenges […]

As we enter our 3rd month following the Newtown disaster our nation has long since settled back into its routine fighting over symptoms and ignoring causes. I find myself reflecting on a hidden issue.  A secret only occasionally mentioned and then quickly dismissed. No doubt those directly involved following this […]

A few years ago I was meeting with a husband and wife who operated a very successful funeral home. Like most successful people they were always looking for new ideas to help them stay in front of their competitors. To protect their privacy I’ll call them Bill and Jane. Over […]

Funeral Apologetics 101A: Eight Principles of Successful Optimism

How interesting! As I step out to encourage this profession to not give in but take a stand and fight for itself I find more than I expected joining the cause. Apropos of everything my friend, Bruce Buchanan, brought an article to my attention published via The Wall Street Journal […]

Why Funeral Directors Need Two Eyes

In his controversial series challenging the belief that Funeral Service is in the “Grief Business” Dale Clock provocatively pushes us to examine what business we are really in.  It is a conversation long overdue and, regardless of which side you are on, absolutely necessary to our future. This is more […]

We Need To Stop Hiding

Two weeks ago in my article, “A Horrifying Revelation About Price”, I adressed two issues:  Opportunity Cost and our inadequacy in handling price shoppers. Last week I drilled down a little deeper on the issue of Opportunity Cost in “If Lee Iacocca Owned a Funeral Home”. This week I will […]

If Lee Iacocca Owned a Funeral Home

There is an apocryphal story in accountant circles about Lee Iacocca’s first day as CEO of Chrysler.  As the story goes, Mr. Iacocca’s very first act was to call in the Chief Financial Officer and ask how many day’s cash was on hand.  The CFO responded that the company had […]