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Empathy / Sympathy A Very Important Difference

Unlike most other professions funeral practitioners must operate within an often sensitive emotional environment. Let’s call it emotionally charged. We know too well that sympathy can often backfire but empathy is never lost. Sympathy can often take someone lower but empathy often lifts up. God was angry with Job’s friends […]

The Wind Is Changing – The Conversation Project

For months now I have been telling DeathCare that the wind is changing in our favor.  The public attitude toward death and dying is changing at the GLOBAL level.  For the present those involved in this are all “grass roots” initiatives springing up independent of each other wherever I look. […]

This question and its brother: “How much does a funeral cost?”  Are non questions.  When we attempt to answer them directly with rational logical explanations we only end up annoying most people.  Especially if we weigh them down with a litany of hours, cost of having a building and the […]

Lessons On Leadership:  Peak Performance From Adequate People

Peter Drucker was the first to draw a parallel between Leadership and Orchestra Conductors when he observed: “A great orchestra is not composed of great musicians but of adequate ones who produce at their peak. [A great conductor] has to make productive what he has…the players are nearly unchangeable.  So […]

My friend, Ed Mazur of Kapinos-Mazur Funeral Home, ran a very successful PR / Public Service program in his local community.  The campaign featured this poster and newspaper ads.  Weekends were set aside to encourage parents to clean out unused medication from their medicine cabinets and bring them to the […]

Here is an excerpt of an interrogation of a witness in a Massachusetts trial court: Lawyer:  Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse? Doctor: no. Lawyer: did you check for blood pressure? Doctor: no. Lawyer: so, it’s possible the patient was alive when you began […]

last week in my article “Funerals as Counter Culture” I made a bold statement: “After 50 years of steady decline in public attitudes towards funerals the pendulum is swinging back our way.  Like Croci in the spring, the signs are poking through the frost…” No sooner was that article published […]

How to Create a 60 Second Elevator Speech

Marketing experts tell us that we should be able to express our unique selling proposition (USP) in such a compelling way in less than 60 seconds that the hearer will ask to know more.  Here is great two step way to do that. Purpose: Create interest and dialogue about what […]

Differentiating Your Funeral Home: Reinvent The Obituary

No One Dies So Poor He Doesn’t Leave Something Behind. Blaise Pascal Ya wanna know how to make a difference and set your funeral home apart?   Take some of your advertising budget and hire a good journalist to do what this video talks about and post them on your […]

Game-changers are those events that intervene in our lives, on athletic fields, and in our businesses that forever change everything. In our personal lives we identify marriages, deaths, and moving to a new city as the easiest examples of game-changers.  In baseball, a homerun changes everything. In business, innovation is […]