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In response to last week’s Commentary my friend Graham Cook shared the following comments. Fair warning! I am often asked to comment on the future of the pre-need business, and my response is simply: “I could better answer if you can tell me what the funeral business will look like […]

Signs Your Preneed Program is Underperforming

With almost 30 year’s experience I think I can safely say I know something about Preneed selling and marketing.  Sadly, it has been my experience that most independent funeral homes practice a form of benign mediocrity in which everyone fails to reach their potential but they all love working together. […]

How Insurance Companies Make Money: Wisdom From Warren Buffett

When I first began negotiating with insurance companies some 25 years ago I made the same mistake now common in the funeral profession: I assumed they made their money the way all “normal” businesses do.  In other words we generate revenue through sales we pay for our merchandise at wholesale […]

Preneed 402a: How to Compare Apples With Apples: Insurance Products

To keep this as brief as possible I am breaking it into two segments.  One this week and another next.  I am sure, dear reader, you have already experienced how difficult it is to compare insurance products on an “Apples to Apples” basis.  I am briefly going to share with you what […]

Preneed Math 301: Commissions

The theory of commissions is that it motivates producers to produce more.  This is not necessarily true.  What is true is that if you overpay two things happen:  Your program becomes economically unsustainable and your producer becomes demotivated.  Here is why: First, It is my absolute belief that preneed selling […]

Preneed Math 201: How Many Counselors Do You Really Need?

Last week I shared with you that the general rule of thumb is one counselor per 200 calls.  I also pointed out that this is more a political question than a mathematical one.  Here is why: All counselors believe in their hearts that there is not enough business to go […]

Preneed Math 101: How To Tell If Your Counselor Is Working

There is a lot of misunderstanding and just plain myth about how much preneed a preneed counselor would sell if a preneed counselor would sell preneed.   In my 25 year experience operating one of the largest third party marketers I have found ways to discern between performers and underperformers […]

Preneed 401: Trust Vs. Insurance

This may seem like a “Yawner” topic but it’s important and I am going to make it short. Let’s pretend that you walk into a bank or trust company with, say, 15 contracts totaling a $100,000 in prearrangement value. You say to your banker that you want him to track […]

Tyler Tetrick: A Better Way to Approach Preneed Guarantees

Preneed Guarantees are a hot topic these days. Funeral Homes feel caught betwixt and between…desparately wanting to get out of the game but feeling they can’t for competitive reasons. Here is a great way to compromise and improve your average at the same time. [ecorptv id=”134665″ width=”470″ height=”330″]