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The Wind Is Changing – The Conversation Project

For months now I have been telling DeathCare that the wind is changing in our favor.  The public attitude toward death and dying is changing at the GLOBAL level.  For the present those involved in this are all “grass roots” initiatives springing up independent of each other wherever I look. […]

Here is an excerpt of an interrogation of a witness in a Massachusetts trial court: Lawyer:  Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse? Doctor: no. Lawyer: did you check for blood pressure? Doctor: no. Lawyer: so, it’s possible the patient was alive when you began […]

What’s It Like To Watch Someone You Love Die?

It has been the vision of many DeathCare firms to become the death resource for their community.  All too often this leads to a focus on post death issues as well as funeral planning.  But for Boomers there is also a need for learning to cope with predeath issues…especially what […]

How To Access Local Caregiver Influencers

We know a few things: There are 48,000,000 people who are active adult caregivers in the U.S. Many Boomers are currently active caregivers or anticipate soon becoming one. If the surviving spouse is still living at the time of the funeral someone you are talking to is already a caregiver […]

Matt Shannon: New Ways to Use Webcasting

If you are like a growing number of funeral homes you offer webcasting. We webcast our mother’s funeral. This was the only way her 95 year old brother, 103 year old best friend and a handful of others could attend. They were thrilled. But with the help of Event By […]

JIm Price: A Simple Way to Get Your Community Involved With You

Today’s awareness of our active military and veterans is higher than it has ever been. We are all looking for a way to thank them or lighten their burden. Here is a simple, meaningful way to involve your community and get some PR besides. [ecorptv id=”134755″ width=”470″ height=”330″]