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What’s It Like To Watch Someone You Love Die?

It has been the vision of many DeathCare firms to become the death resource for their community.  All too often this leads to a focus on post death issues as well as funeral planning.  But for Boomers there is also a need for learning to cope with predeath issues…especially what […]

Pixie Dust Strategy: Why It Never Works

Wow! I really have it on for social networking…or maybe some experts are starting to agree with me.  Either way it feels good.  The link below is a lengthy blog but worth reading for all you DeathCare practitioners who are continually looking for the “Next Best Things” and the “Pied […]

Facebook Revenge: Social Media Rules of Engagement

I have found that “unfriending” people (in particular vendors using this mechanism to solicit) is an emotionally rewarding pastime…and I don’t think I am alone. As you know I have been trying to get my head around this social media thing.  (See “You Annoy Me”) You probably also know that […]

This I Understand: The Good Side of Social Media

Several weeks ago I received an email from a friend sharing why he had chosen to be so active in social media. He gave me permission to reproduce it here. I like reading his posts for the reasons he outlines below. They are winsome, occasionally challenging, often amusing and they […]

You Annoy Me: The Dark Side of Social Media

I  “unfriended” my second person today. They got under my skin. And I am thinking about my third “unfriend” with growing anticipation.  I see a pattern emerging that I think might be helpful for all you other folks trying to make sense of this social media stuff. Before I go further […]

FaceBook Rolls Out New Brand Page Design

I have to admit I don’t know why I find myself commenting on Social Media as much as I do.  I guess, like you, I am still trying to figure it out.  I have noticed that I am getting messages telling me about FaceBook changes fairly frequently and I have […]

What Do Social Media Users and Cavemen Have In Common?

Olson / Zaltman is an internationally recognized market research firm spawned out of Harvard and Penn State Universities.  They developed and patented the groundbreaking research methodology (ZMET) that opens the subconscious metaphors consumers use to make buying decisions. Now widely used by the world’s largest institutions and businesses to develop […]

Social Media Run Amok: Invasion of Privacy

Wow!!  Big Brother is watching. I really don’t pay much attention to the issue of privacy.  But I learned something today that really spooked me.  Go to and enter your name.  This site aggregates publicly available information and makes it as easy as a couple of clicks to find […]

Social Media Is Kinda Like Wearing Your Underpants on the Outside of Your Pants

First, it is important to say that ignoring the current social media trend is akin to ignoring the increasingly vital need to have a viable website. Second, one of my concerns (but not the subject of this article) is that being active in social media like Facebook and Twitter has […]

Social Media: How To Get The Phone To Ring

I consider Frank Dawson of Dawson Funeral Homes in E. Liverpool, Oh. to be the “Grand Master” of social media. With it he has not only built his business but created a veritable competitive “fortress.” He has done this by applying a simple axiomatic human principle. Watch this video to […]