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Rice Paddy to Rice Paddy in 3 Generations

Sociologists have discovered there is a saying in every culture that is best illustrated by the title to this article (which is the Chinese version). Basically, it refers to the lowly peasant who works hard to break out of the rice paddy life by starting a business which he then […]

Part 3: The Owner Is Ready

Maybe you are anxious to exit your business. Or perhaps you dread the day you will no longer be involved. Either way for a successful business transfer you need to be ready. It has been my experience that when people think they are ready and even eager to exit the […]

Part 2: The Business Is Ready

I have lived in my house for 30+ years and we are getting ready to sell and move closer to my daughter and her family. I have two goals: Sell for top dollar Sell quickly So we are getting it ready by repainting it and updating a few odds and […]

10 Barriers to Succession Planning Part 3 of 3

This week we finish our discussion of barriers to succession with: 4. Serving more than one master. Change is hard enough. But there is an old biblical reference that is always true: “You cannot serve two masters.” The business needs to stand on its own and only insiders should have […]

10 Barriers to Succession Planning Part 2 of 3

Last week we began a discussion of the ten things that are the most frequent barriers to real succession planning. Failure to plan this important event is an invitation to disappointment frustration and alienation among family and staff. This week continues that discussion with #7. 7. Entitlement Often referred to […]

10 Barriers To Succession Planning In the Funeral Business — Part 1 of 3

Speaker and family business expert John Davis made this comment as he addressed the St. Thomas Center For Family Enterprise: “When I introduce the concept of making the B.O.S.S. successful all heads turn towards the father. I announce to the father he has just been demoted, and that the real […]

4 Early Signs You May Be Losing Control of Your Business

Recently I read something that triggered an insight.  In my Funeral Home Consulting practice it is clear that businesses don’t just suddenly spin out of control.  Except in the rare case of disruptive innovation like an unconventional competitor, calamity does not occur overnight.  “Things” start happening well before the challenges […]

A  Strange  Bathroom Encounter–A Rite of Passage

It was between sessions at  an NFDA convention and busy in the bathroom.  An  older  gentleman approached  me and asked brusquely, “Are you Alan Creedy?”  Given his demeanour, for a moment, I wasn’t sure whether to say yes or run.   I finally said yes.  What he said next made […]