10 Barriers to Succession Planning Part 3 of 3

This week we finish our discussion of barriers to succession with: 4. Serving more than one master. Change is hard enough. But there is an old biblical reference that is always true: “You cannot serve two masters.” The business needs to stand on its own and only insiders should have influence. Too often non participating… [Read More...]

Strategies For Reducing Risk of Harrassment

Bill McQueen comments on something we all need to know more about. Part 2 of  2 Last week I mentioned that I had successfully defended 3 harassment suits over my career. I credit that success to several factors: 1) the internal culture of respect and consideration I demanded 2) Following the advice Bill McQueen lays… [Read More...]

What Is Workplace Harrassment??

Bill McQueen gives us some critically important pointers. Part 1 of 2 Over my career I have led three companies that faced harassment charges made by employees. Because I had policies and procedures in place and followed them to the letter all were resolved in favor of the company. That is not to say harassment… [Read More...]

Are You A Change Champion?

There are, in fact, many firms today that remain in denial that our profession has changed dramatically and will continue to change into the foreseeable future. We cannot help them. I have lost count of the financial statements I have analyzed over the last several years. What strikes me is that virtually all of them… [Read More...]

The Excellence Trap: How We Confuse Efficiency With Effectiveness

Are you a shop foreman or a leader? In recent years a new focus has crept in to the profession. We are trending toward becoming shop foremen instead of leaders. The belief being that we must measure everything and compare everyone to everyone else. This is, in fact, a good idea and a long time… [Read More...]

Caregiver or Martyr? Beware the Rescuer Trap

Are you addicted to helping others or are your customer relationships creating unhealthy responses? Perhaps you’ve fallen victim to the Rescuer Syndrome. One of the common threads I am discovering as I get deeper into the study of culture within the funeral profession is the belief that one must be a “suffering servant” doing what… [Read More...]

Making Myself Unnecessary

I am a little annoyed with myself. As I address this topic of Leadership i find that I have fallen into the same trap as most others. I have succeeded in treating the difference between managers and leaders as two ends of a continuum and conveying the impression that one (managers) is bad and the… [Read More...]

What DeathCare Can Learn From The Way Women Dress…An Epiphany

Insights come from the strangest places. This time from why women dress the way they do. My wife has bad feet. Most women do. Why? Because women’s shoes are not designed for practicality. They are intended only to create an impression. Comfort and productivity, as purpose, are lost in favor of competing with others. When… [Read More...]

Roadmap To A Great Legacy

I started out too many weeks ago addressing the virtues of a senior leader making themselves unnecessary and I ran straight into a wall! My apologies but this is too important to take lightly so I took my time to untangle the issues and turns out it’s really pretty simple. There are three roles each… [Read More...]

On Becoming Unnecessary

Funeral Service is simultaneously over managed and under led. The key to overcoming the “Being Necessary” complex is to recognize the difference between management and leadership. It is the overmanagement that creates all the physical and emotional stress in this profession. More to the point the current trends in misapplying management data is turning professionals… [Read More...]