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Book Review: When Growth Stalls

When Growth Stalls, How it happens, why you’re stuck and what to do about it. By Steve McKee, Jossey-Bass 2009 “when growth stalls, everything begins to break down.  Confidence wanes, and it can be difficult to tell which problems are cause and which are effect.”  This simple statement hits too close […]

Are Funeral Directors “Wired” To Lose In the “New Normal”?  Part 1

DeathCare has been losing ground relative to consumers for almost 30 years.  Now comes research that may explain why and what to do about it. To many observers (myself among them) what we sell seems well on the road to becoming a commodity.  As a means of moving market share, […]

IRS Cracks Down On Independent Contractor Status Abuse

In this article in the Wall Street Journal we learn that the IRS is getting serious about the misuse of Independent Contractor relationships to avoid classifying certain workers as employees subject to all the rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is important for many funeral homes because most […]

Things Not To Do Or Say When You Fire Someone

There is  a difference between a disciplinary interview and a termination meeting.   Disciplinary meetings are about second chances and action plans.  Termination meetings are about neither. 1. Never reconsider in a termination meeting.  Firing is always a last resort.  Hopefully, you have already given warnings and second chances.  Some […]

Preneed Math 201: How Many Counselors Do You Really Need?

Last week I shared with you that the general rule of thumb is one counselor per 200 calls.  I also pointed out that this is more a political question than a mathematical one.  Here is why: All counselors believe in their hearts that there is not enough business to go […]

Are You A Leader Or A Manager?

A few years ago I attended a breakfast honoring Alabama University football coach Nick Saban.  In his remarks he shared with us that he begins every season with the statement: “I didn’t come here to be irrelevant!” Those 8 words profoundly illustrate a simple principle: the difference between leadership thinking […]

If Lee Iacocca Owned a Funeral Home

There is an apocryphal story in accountant circles about Lee Iacocca’s first day as CEO of Chrysler.  As the story goes, Mr. Iacocca’s very first act was to call in the Chief Financial Officer and ask how many day’s cash was on hand.  The CFO responded that the company had […]