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Greatest Hits: How To Get Customers to Stop Fixating On Price

Well, it’s summer time and I am on vacation.  So, I thought I would resurrect some of my most popular articles The first is a series I wrote last summer entitled:  “How To Get Customers To Stop Fixating On Price” Part 1: “Equalize Price Points to Crystallize Personal Relevance”  Part […]

Kevin Bean: How To Get Customers to Stop Fixating on Price

In a recent Harvard Business Review article of the same title as this page the authors discussed research findings on 4 approaches that work for moving customers off price fixation. The one I liked most was narrowing your prices so that customers stopped thinking about what they could afford and, […]

A Different Way To Think About Packaging

for the past 4 weeks I have been attempting to spark a conversation about Pricing Strategy against the backdrop of a recent Harvard Business Review article: “How to Stop Customers From Fixating on Price.” Candace Franco responded with great insight:  “Very thought provoking … but here is one I’d like […]

The Rewards Are Priceless

More Casket Merchandising Insight From My First Guest Writer: In 1982 my father turned day-to-day operation of our funeral home over to his 31 year old son . . . me.  Gone from him and new to me were the day to day decisions.  He was there for wisdom, but […]