Strategies For Reducing Risk of Harrassment

Bill McQueen comments on something we all need to know more about. Part 2 of  2 Last week I mentioned that I had successfully defended 3 harassment suits over my career. I credit that success to several factors: 1) the internal culture of respect and consideration I demanded 2) Following the advice Bill McQueen lays… [Read More...]

What Is Workplace Harrassment??

Bill McQueen gives us some critically important pointers. Part 1 of 2 Over my career I have led three companies that faced harassment charges made by employees. Because I had policies and procedures in place and followed them to the letter all were resolved in favor of the company. That is not to say harassment… [Read More...]

Our Industry’s Self Talk: The Bad and the Great.

Alternative Title: It’s Time To Get Over Yourself! Not long ago I was part of a group studying the challenges of recruitment in the funeral profession. I was stunned to hear the “table talk” of practicing funeral directors. Our conversations centered around why people wouldn’t want to be funeral directors…the long and unpredictable work hours,… [Read More...]

On Motivation – Money Is Not The Answer

Did you know that money is not a motivator. It is only a hygiene factor. Paying too little creates dissatisfaction…paying fairly only takes away the bone of contention…paying too much does not create enthusiasm and can often lead to dissatisfaction. So what really motivates people.  It’s simpler than you think and if you are as… [Read More...]

I Wish I Had Said That:

Sometimes you read stuff and it fits so perfectly all you are left with is: “I wish I had said that.” Just as I was preparing my next followup article on how to make yourself unnecessary Linked-In published this blog post.  Since I couldn’t improve on it I will just share it. If you are… [Read More...]

Are You Too Necessary?

Saturday morning, January 7, 2012 my phone rings at home. “Al, this is Bob. Guess where I am?.” Bob Neiman is a successful internet entrepreneur who flies his own plane and dominates a narrow niche in the construction industry. Bob and his wife Amy have been friends of ours for many years now. Amy is… [Read More...]

Esse Quam Videri

I have to admit I tense up whenever someone begins using the Ritz Carlton as an example Funeral Service should use to fashion its own customer service profile.  Not that we can’t learn some things from the Ritz.  We most certainly can!  But it is a dangerous recommendation when we fail to “Go Deep” on… [Read More...]

Is A Scarcity Mentality Keeping You From Being A Good Leader?

A Scarcity Mentality is the zero-sum paradigm of life. People with a Scarcity Mentality have a very difficult time sharing recognition and credit, power or profit – even with those who help in the production. They also have a a very hard time being genuinely happy for the success of other people. Yet it is… [Read More...]

Video: If You Want A High Performing Organization Are You Measuring The Right Things?

My hero, Peter Drucker, believed: “For the organization to perform to a high standard, its members must believe that what it is doing is, in the last analysis, the one contribution to community and society on which all others depend.” For more than 30 years I have believed that DeathCare makes just such a contribution…. [Read More...]

Why Families Seem Ruder Today and Some Tips on How To Respond

Funeral Directors are increasingly distressed about being treated rudely by families. This rudeness often causes practitioners to lose control of vital conversations at critical moments.  Industry vendors know that Funeral Directors can be very rude as well.   In my opinion the reasons both are rude is fundamentally the same. And Yes! Funeral Directors can… [Read More...]