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I Wish I Had Said That:

Sometimes you read stuff and it fits so perfectly all you are left with is: “I wish I had said that.” Just as I was preparing my next followup article on how to make yourself unnecessary Linked-In published this blog post.  Since I couldn’t improve on it I will just […]

Esse Quam Videri

I have to admit I tense up whenever someone begins using the Ritz Carlton as an example Funeral Service should use to fashion its own customer service profile.  Not that we can’t learn some things from the Ritz.  We most certainly can!  But it is a dangerous recommendation when we […]

My hero, Peter Drucker, believed: “For the organization to perform to a high standard, its members must believe that what it is doing is, in the last analysis, the one contribution to community and society on which all others depend.” For more than 30 years I have believed that DeathCare […]

Why Families Seem Ruder Today and Some Tips on How To Respond

Funeral Directors are increasingly distressed about being treated rudely by families. This rudeness often causes practitioners to lose control of vital conversations at critical moments.  Industry vendors know that Funeral Directors can be very rude as well.   In my opinion the reasons both are rude is fundamentally the same. […]

Are Funeral Directors “wired” to Lose in The “New Normal” Part 3

Last week in part 2 of this series we learned that “Challengers” don’t educate,  they teach.  They are not afraid of pushing their customers  to think in new ways.  We also learned that while people may like those who are nice to them, they like those who help them gain […]

Are Funeral Directors “Wired” To Lose In the “New Normal”?  Part 1

DeathCare has been losing ground relative to consumers for almost 30 years.  Now comes research that may explain why and what to do about it. To many observers (myself among them) what we sell seems well on the road to becoming a commodity.  As a means of moving market share, […]

Things Not To Do Or Say When You Fire Someone

There is  a difference between a disciplinary interview and a termination meeting.   Disciplinary meetings are about second chances and action plans.  Termination meetings are about neither. 1. Never reconsider in a termination meeting.  Firing is always a last resort.  Hopefully, you have already given warnings and second chances.  Some […]

Managers Vs. Leaders: Which Are You?

As a student of leadership and as a “Benchmark” Assessor for the Center for Creative Leadership, I am well aware of the impact poor leadership has on results.  The problem, in my mind, is the historical emphasis on styles more appropriate to factory settings than businesses that actually interface with the public. […]

The Emperor Has No Clothes

What employee turnover reveals about your leadership. Employee turnover can reveal a lot of things.  Surely turnover is normal but both too much and too little are signs of serious management issues.  The pressures of the last ten years have led many in DeathCare to be frustrated with their employees.  […]