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Lessons On Leadership:  Peak Performance From Adequate People

Peter Drucker was the first to draw a parallel between Leadership and Orchestra Conductors when he observed: “A great orchestra is not composed of great musicians but of adequate ones who produce at their peak. [A great conductor] has to make productive what he has…the players are nearly unchangeable.  So […]

Video series by Steve McKee, author of When Growth Stalls. Click On The Buttons Below To Watch Each of The Three Episodes, then click on the arrow in the big screen [ecorptv server=”server2″ id=”146715″ thumbnail=”” width=”470″ height=”330″] [ecorptv server=”server2″ id=”146717″ thumbnail=”” width=”470″ height=”330″] [ecorptv server=”server2″ id=”146719″ thumbnail=”” width=”470″ height=”330″] Steve […]