Funeral Cliff Calculator

The Funeral Cliff Calculator is intended to be a tool practitioners can use to determine how they need to plan for the future.

In developing this calculator acknowledgements are due to Federated Funeral Directors of America and Cremation Association of North America whose statistics I relied on heavily to create the original input data.

The Data below was interpolated by applying the national cremation rate as estimated by CANA to the Average Regular Adult Funeral Sale reported by Federated Funeral Directors for 2011.  As such, it is an estimate.  If anyone has any more accurate data as to average burial and average cremation sales at the national level I would be glad to update the beginning entries in the calculator.  However, any such updates will not change the basic functionality.

The Brief Video Below Explains How You Can Use Your Own Data With The Calculator


This calculator is unable to retain any data.  You may print out as often as you want and use it as often as you want to create as many scenarios as you like.  There is no way for me to access the information you enter.