Funeral Directors Are Ladies and Gentlemen – Preface


This section is a general background setting the stage for the “Why” of our profession: Below is a sample to help stimulate your thinking.


We undertake to study the profession of Funeral Director in order that we may more ably serve society in encouraging actions and activities that will lead to restoration of health both emotionally and physically.

When experiencing the death of someone we know (and in rare instances some we don’t know) humans naturally respond by entering into a state of disequilibrium. This state is commonly referred to as “grief” and is experienced in greater or lesser degrees by those whose lives are affected. It is our highest purpose to employ our skills, knowledge and training in leading those thus affected to the healthiest and speediest means of restoring equilibrium in their lives.

Thus the Profession of funeral director, as well as all those in supporting roles within the funeral business, makes a substantive and significant contribution to society. Were it not so then the bulk of recorded history and much of archeological history would not contain so much evidence of human custom relative to tradition, celebration of life and ceremony. Nor would there be the many old monuments left standing over even for millennia. Civilized man has always demonstrated a need to commemorate, honor and mourn their dead. And in most societies communities have seen fit to designate the care of the dead to a select group of people.

If, then, we make a contribution to society we also accept a liability and responsibility to that society. Thus, those that join this profession must not only be cognizant of that responsibility and liability but pledge to fulfill the public trust with a higher than normal level of personal commitment.

A career in funeral service must be perceived as more than “just a job”. Rather it is a career of service…some would say a “calling”…to one’s fellow man. Such a calling must provide both reward and sacrifice. While economic reward is expected, it is the psychic rewards inherent in our role that provides the impetus for continued service. It is for those whose personal fulfillment is found in being a constructive force in the healing of their fellow man.

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