“Alan Creedy’s ability to forecast trends and offer ‘outside-the-box’ wisdom is nothing short of phenomenal. His fresh, original ideas come from a fertile and creative mind and his writing is ‘tour-de-force’.

“I cannot think of anyone today more tuned in to the critical needs of this profession and the narrow paths we must find to secure a viable future.”

Mark Higgins • President, Hall Wynne Funeral Homes • Durham NC

“A prayer says: ‘Seek to understand.’

“What impresses me most about Alan is his passion to understand what motivates people to act, coupled with effective solutions that work.”

John Horan • President, Horan & McConaty • Denver

“Alan Creedy is the embodiment of quality traits that can seem to be in contradiction with each other and are seldom found in one individual. He is cerebral and down to earth. He is an astute, pragmatic business analyst who is sensitive and compassionate. He seeks truth regardless of any discomfort it may expose yet he is an optimist always seeking the good in others.

“When it comes to death care services, Alan is an honest sounding board, advisor and an excellent resource for anyone with courage to face the truth.”

Ernie Heffner • Owner, Heffner Funeral Homes • York PA

“Alan Creedy has not only been a dear friend for over 20 years, but has been a knowledgeable and trusted advisor. Virtually all major decisions our funeral home have made, Alan’s expertise was solicited.

“We believe Alan’s vast knowledge and experience along with his ability to analyze current trends and opportunities in today’s ever-changing market make him one of the foremost authorities in funeral service today.

“Alan will not compromise the truth even if hearing it is painful. We unequivocally endorse him.”

Mark Jahn • Owner, Zwick & Jahn • Decatur IN

“The most truthful and important thing I can say about Alan Creedy is that he possesses the business qualities which lead to success. These, in combination with his other personal characteristics, allow him to operate in a way that strongly impacts all around him; his consulting clients, the families they serve, as well as professional associations.

“Alan demonstrates a tireless work ethic… This effort, partnered with humility and openness to learning, becomes a conduit for an honest evaluation and success plan for any business.”

Bill Forsberg • COO, Lane Family Funeral Homes, Canfield Ohio