Engaged to determine why a client was no longer growing I discovered an “elephant in the room.” At dinner that night I spoke with the owner and his wife. “One key factor is that you are in the personal service business…and you aren’t very likeable.” I said. I anticipated he would be upset but I could see that his wife understood what I was saying. I had introduced the elephant.

Every organization has at least one “elephant in the room.” But there is a common species among small businesses and it is this:

“Small business owners have 80 – 90% of their personal wealth locked up in their business. Many don’t know how they are going to get it out…or even IF they can.”

Everyone’s elephant is different. In fact, within the same organization different people will see the elephant differently. But ignoring elephants is dangerous. So, I talk about elephants among key stakeholders so they can begin to agree on what they seeface the reality of its existence and assess its priority.

There are many choices about how to manage the elephant and maybe there is more than one elephant. So, each engagement is necessarily unique. My objective is always the same:

Enable you to begin moving in a new direction with confidence and clear awareness of both challenges and opportunities.

What you get:

  • An independent thorough assessment of your business situation and opportunities.
  • An honest, non – judgmental discussion of what is holding you back (elephants)
  • A plan for moving from where you are to where you need to go.
  • A way for business owners to improve performance and enjoy their work more.

Elephants I have known and trained:

  • Stalled Business
  • Underperformance
  • Competitive strategy
  • Stakeholders who
    • don’t share the same vision or urgency
    • have different agendas
    • aren’t equally committed
  • Business failure
  • Inability to implement change initiatives
  • Difficulty in developing a cohesive team
  • “Cooperatively uncooperative” employees
  • Inability to achieve objectives
  • Circular thinking
  • Burnout
  • Lack of clarity
  • Succession to younger generation or staff
  • Sale to outside interest
  • Financing new initiatives or ownership transition
  • Business paralysis
  • Industry reimagining / reinvention

Elephant Training Fees:

First day onsite                                                                     $2,750

Second day +                                                                         $1,250

Travel                                                                              As incurred