Statement Of Beliefs is a declaration

A statement of beliefs is a declaration. Think of it as choosing the hill worth dying on. It seems to me that my beliefs are not a product of any deliberation on my part. Rather, they seem to be the result of an awakening awareness… a consequence of age. In other words, while I wasn’t looking, my beliefs found me.  Your beliefs may be different; but these are mine, on the table, visible, for all to see and judge.

I believe the elements of what we have come to call a funeral are critical to the process of the emotional reconciliation of loss (healing).

I believe that DeathCare professionals make a necessary and even vital contribution to society by:

1)   Providing a physical gathering point for community interaction and expression:

a) Gathering

b) Seeing

c) Sharing

d) comforting

2)   Organizing and orchestrating the various participants and components.

3)   Providing structure and form in an otherwise chaotic circumstance.

4)   Assuming necessary roles and responsibilities that would otherwise be ignored or forgotten in modern society.

5)   Knowing what to do when someone you love or someone loved by someone you care about dies.

6)   Restoring dignity and respect for life and bringing meaning out of death.

I believe that, because they make a vital contribution to society, the DeathCare professions are noble.

I believe the sale of hard-goods is only ancillary and not vital to the positive psychosocial and individual emotional impact and benefit this profession provides society.

I believe that when any profession loses sight of its central purpose relative to its impact on customers and society that profession loses both respect for itself and the nobility of that profession.  Specifically, in DeathCare, that central purpose is the facilitation of honoring lives, the dignification of death, the preservation of memories, promoting the support of the community to both the bereaved and each other and, most of all, the healing of those impacted either directly or indirectly.


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