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  1. Bruce Buchanan says:

    Now that’s excellent!

  2. I’m not sure a conversation about pulling the plug is the conversation we need to have, people have been doing that for years. Let’s hope celebrating one’s life and memorialization become part of the focus as this conversation continues.

    • This is a part of a global grass roots movement. you can be part of it because they want you to be part of it as an expert. Or you can choose to exclude yourself. Your choice. But you excluded yourself from the cremation conversation. Just saying…

  3. The “conversation” is predictable, although the experience of having the conversation is the part that is interesting and exciting. Simply, in having the conversation, families are sharing about life and celebrating life. Maybe at a level that is only possible at special times, LIKE MEMORIALS! This experience is what we are after in funeral service.

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