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Best Veterans Ad Ever

I found this ad on youtube. Produced by Boeing it is, in my mind, the best tribute to veterans I have seen. To all you veterans out there: Thank you.  

Customer Service: What Does It Look Like

Here is a great video that you should watch with your staff and talk about. QUESTION: How do you mentally prepare yourself to wholeheartedly serve people each day?

Empathy / Sympathy A Very Important Difference

Unlike most other professions funeral practitioners must operate within an often sensitive emotional environment. Let’s call it emotionally charged. We know too well that sympathy can often backfire but empathy is never lost. Sympathy can often take someone lower but empathy often lifts up. God was angry with Job’s friends but I have always been… [Read More…]

Our Industry’s Self Talk: The Bad and the Great.

Alternative Title: It’s Time To Get Over Yourself! Not long ago I was part of a group studying the challenges of recruitment in the funeral profession. I was stunned to hear the “table talk” of practicing funeral directors. Our conversations centered around why people wouldn’t want to be funeral directors…the long and unpredictable work hours,… [Read More…]

On Motivation – Money Is Not The Answer

Did you know that money is not a motivator. It is only a hygiene factor. Paying too little creates dissatisfaction…paying fairly only takes away the bone of contention…paying too much does not create enthusiasm and can often lead to dissatisfaction. So what really motivates people.  It’s simpler than you think and if you are as… [Read More…]

Roadmap To A Great Legacy

I started out too many weeks ago addressing the virtues of a senior leader making themselves unnecessary and I ran straight into a wall! My apologies but this is too important to take lightly so I took my time to untangle the issues and turns out it’s really pretty simple. There are three roles each… [Read More…]

You May Not Believe What You See

Take a look at the finalists in the first phase of the Design For Death Contest. You may have a non-positive reaction but take some time. These designs come from some of the world’s top designers. Many of them are fresh new insights into where our world is going.  Personally, I think more than a… [Read More…]

He Is Risen

Here is a short video for Good Friday to remind us that Jesus lives. Watch it, you might be surprised where He lives. Have a wonderful Easter