You May Not Believe What You See

Take a look at the finalists

in the first phase of the Design For Death Contest. You may have a non-positive reaction but take some time. These designs come from some of the world’s top designers. Many of them are fresh new insights into where our world is going.  Personally, I think more than a few have commercial potential.

For some of you this next video will be kinda creepy. Pay close attention to how she presents. This gives a whole new dimension to “Green Burial.”

Some of you may tempted to dismiss this as not commercially viable. Maybe, maybe not. I intend to be buried but a lot of what she says makes sense to me. More to the point the judges were so impressed they made a special category for her over and above all the other categories.

Design For Death from Objectifs Films on Vimeo.

My takeaways as a judge

This was a career highlight for me because it showed me how incestuous our industry’s thinking is. I had never really taken “green burial” seriously until I saw the entries. I think I speak for many of the judges when I say I was “blown away” by some of the ideas. As I said earlier, I intend to be buried but the winner of the first prize is extremely attractive both in concept and aesthetics. I could see myself doing “green” in this way.

My greatest take away is the realization that when WE talk about thinking outside the box, we are really amateurs compared to how the public thinks. We are so much more conservative than our customers.

I can hardly wait for the next phase. If we embrace just some of these new ideas our future is exciting.

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