Operational Assessment & Valuation Opinion

An Opinion of Value Report (OVR) is

  • a process and set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of a business.
  • It may consider not only the financial factors relating to value but the market conditions that affect a specific industry and location, as well as current economic conditions that affect financing and growth.
  • Used for informational and planning purposes over the lifespan of the company and the individuals with ownership equity in the company.
  • Not a substitute for a thorough and comprehensive Full Business valuation.
  • It differs from a Full Business Valuation compiled by a Qualified Business Appraiser in that it
    • Uses fewer methods for valuing a business
    • Uses industry – specific norms
    • Is less comprehensive,
    • Is smaller in size, and
    • Therefore, less expensive in nature.

Because of it’s low cost (updates as low as $1,000) it can be affordably updated periodically

An Operational Assessment

  • Is an analytical analysis
    • Compares the subject firm with like firms
    • Recasts financial information into Generally Accepted Industry – Specific Format
    • Enables owners and managers to quickly identify areas of focus for improvement
      • Identifies and develops meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    • Serves as the basis for planning and forecasting
  • Is best performed by experts in a given industry who can
    • Identify areas for improvement
    • Make recommendations
    • Provide resources for implementation

Valuation / Assessment Fee:

  • Single valuation / assesment                  $4,000
  • Each additional location                          $   500
  • Additional tax entities                              $1,000

How it works:

Additional Location: It is not always necessary to break out and analyze individual branches and locations for the valuation / assessment. The additional location fee only applies when a separate valuation / assessment is required.

Additonal tax entities: Like additional locations it is not always necessary to provide a separate valuation. This fee only applies when a separate analysis is required. Additional entities like cemeteries and businesses not directly involved in the primary business of funeral service will require separate analysis.

When You Need It

  • Build Value
  • Selling a funeral home
  • Buying a funeral home
  • Operational improvement
  • Strategic Planning
    • Forecasting
    • “What – If” Modeling
  • Succession Planning
  • Uncontested disputes