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Constructive Style

Funeral Home #3 has developed a bond of mutual trust among all of its stakeholders. People are open and vulnerable with each other. Their worldview is that “We can all win if we work together.” While they passionately debate issues, once a decision is made they all support it unless later information indicates it was wrong. If a change in direction is necessary everyone knows why and adapts without finger pointing, blame or disappointment.

Everyone focuses collectively on the good of the organization. In addition to their own duties and responsibilities they have clarity regarding the overall direction and, particularly, the goals of the organization. They like to set their own achievable stretch goals within the context of supporting the overall goal of the organization. They know where they fit and how they contribute. Philosophically, they have mastered the art of “small wins are the road to victory.”

Members are committed and passionate about what they do and the organization they are part of. They strive for self-improvement and enjoy their work. They are this way because they understand and buy into the reason for the company’s existence, its values and strategy. They are clear about all of this and come to work without fear they will be asked to behave in a way that is not in the best interests of all.

Members take initiative with clients and peers. They look for ways to improve performance, help each other and grow together. They voluntarily engage in assimilating new members by sharing, training and “showing them the ropes.” In the event of error they give each other the benefit of the doubt and look for the good in everyone. At the same time when someone joins the organization whose values are in conflict they are quick to call them out and constructively move them in the right direction or cause them to leave.

Their attitude can be summed up as “We can do this together and if we do “WE’RE great and nobody sucks.”

Whereas the staffs of the first two funeral homes come to work because they have to, the staff of the third funeral home comes to work because they want to.