David Storke’s Testimonial for Alan Creedy

David Storke

Several years ago I realized that the funeral business that I had owned for over twenty years suddenly felt different.

I had paid off the debt from the purchase and had almost doubled the call volume. But as each year passed, I felt like there was less money in my checking account. I had taken my eye off the ball regarding, price increases, cremation marketing, casket inventory/selection and personnel costs.

I knew my business needed a “checkup” and possible overhaul. I had been to a seminar the year before and heard a nationally known funeral expert speak about what each of us funeral directors were doing wrong in running our businesses. I didn’t appreciate his style and knew I needed someone that would come in, look over my specific situation and gently offer suggestions.

I really felt inadequate as a businessman and was scared to death to have someone come in, examine things and give me the bad news. A friend recommended Alan Creedy and from the first call I knew I had the right person. He gently came in, looked over everything and offered suggestions on how I could turn things around.

I implemented most of his suggestions and saw an immediate change. I felt good about myself as a businessman for the first time ever.

Two years later I engaged Alan again to help me with the valuation and purchase of two other funeral homes. His business experience and knowledge of our industry is second to none.

The best money I’ve ever spent was engaging someone who has become not only an adviser, but a friend.

David W. Storke

Storke Funeral Homes
Bowling Green, Virginia
King George, Virginia
Colonial Beach, Virginia