Value Is Calculated

Price is Negotiated

Valuations & Assessments

Most of my clients have a single question:

What’s it worth?

By combining a Valuation Opinion with an Operational Assessment of their funeral home I help my clients answer this question AND understand how to make it worth more.

As an expert in funeral service operations and management, I am able to provide insights general appraisers cannot.

An opinion begins with analysis of your market and the results of operations as reflected in your tax returns and internal operating statements. Most often these require “recasting” into the reporting format generally accepted by the profession. Doing so enables “apples-to-apples” comparison with other funeral homes regionally and by size.

By integrating the financial analysis with these comparatives I help you and your accountant see where you can improve performance. I am proud to say that my clients frequently realize increases in cash flow significantly greater than my $4,000 fee.

This service includes:

  • Detailed analysis of up to 5 years tax returns and internal operating statements
  • Recasting of financial information for comparison to other firms in similar regions and size
  • Calculation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) specific to the funeral profession
  • Local market analysis
  • A detailed approach to choosing the proper multiple using the more appropriate Value – Netex model. This method is preferred for companies that are substantially different than publicly traded companies
  • Recommendations for performance improvement
    • Includes appropriate tools for implementation
  • An interactive forecasting tool showing what happens if you do nothing
    • This electronic tool is available for your use in developing an endless variety of alternative scenarios

Valuation / Assessment Fee:

  • Single valuation / assessment                $4,000
  • Each additional location                          $   500
  • Additional tax entities                              $1,000

How it works:

Additional Location: It is not always necessary to break out and analyze individual branches and locations for the valuation / assessment. The additional location fee only applies when a separate valuation / assessment is required.

Additonal tax entities: Like additional locations it is not always necessary to provide a separate valuation. This fee only applies when a separate analysis is required. Additional entities like cemeteries and businesses not directly involved in the primary business of funeral service will require separate analysis.

3 Types of Valuations and When You Need Each