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The Prevailing culture in funeral service is Passive – Aggressive in nature

It’s a place where more energy is put into thwarting things than starting them…but in the nicest way.

gary Neilson, Harvard Business Review

Funeral Homes Compete…

…In an increasingly complex world that demands we continually raise the bar on service, differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and keep a lid on prices. Everone seems to agree that one of the most important things owners must master is Employee Engagement. 

But First Owners Must Master Themselves

Imagine Three Competing Funeral Homes

Taking The long View — who do you think wins?

Funeral home #1 is comprised of well meaning people who are more committed to personal survival than the welfare of the company, its goals or their teammates.

Funeral home #2 has a culture that is comprised of people who view life as either winning or losing. Criticism of others both inside and outside the organization is common.

Funeral Home #3 has developed a bond of mutual trust among all of its stakeholders. People are open and vulnerable with each other.

Take The Quiz

Which owner has the least stress?

___ Passive



Which Owner has the most fun?

___ Passive



Which funeral home will eventually succeed?

___ Passive



Which funeral home will attract the best and brightest

___ Passive



Specifically, are you willing to:

___ Be 0pen and vulnerable

___Learn to communicate appropriately

___Learn how to develop people

___Fire your “Ten-Call-Tyrant”

___Set achievable stretch goals and celebrate small wins

___Celebrate the wins of others

___Create an environment that is safe for people to take reasonable risks

___Hold everyone (including yourself) accountable to expectations

Begin With An Assessment

Leadership Assessment

Management Assessment

Culture Inventory