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The Prevailing culture in funeral service is…

Passive Aggressive

A recent Harvard Business Review refers to Passive – Aggressive Cultures as places where

More energy is put into thwarting things than achieving things…but in the nicest way

A dysfunctional culture impacts an organization by:

  • Impeding its ability to change
  • Impeding its ability to serve customers
  • Creating friction and resentment
  • Creating stress and burnout
  • Impeding the ability for effective performance

The cure lies in getting everybody to see a clear picture of how things really are so they can choose to become better.

The Organizational Culture Inventory goes beyond identifying areas of dysfunction. It helps people see

  • how they are creating their own environment,
  • the beliefs and habits that are undermining their own achievement
  • Specific areas of focus that will help them rise above their own foibles
    • Dramatically improves effectiveness and relationships at work
    • Does the same at home.]

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