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elephant in the room photo: Elephant in the room elephant-in-the-room.jpgEvery organization has at least one “elephant in the room.” The one most common in DeathCare is a fundamental truth about DeathCare in general:

“We cannot stay where we are and continue to be market-relevant and maybe even survive.”

Everyone’s elephant is different. In fact, within the same organization different people will see the elephant differently. I talk about elephants among key stakeholders so they can begin to agree on what they see, face the reality of existence and assess its priority.

 There are many choices about how to manage the elephant and maybe there is more than one elephant. So, each engagement is necessarily unique. My objective is always the same:

Enable you to begin moving in a new direction with confidence and clear awareness of both challenges and opportunities.

 What you get:

  •  For Solo leaders this service will help you surface and explore hidden issues and gain clarity about what you want for yourself and your company.
  •  For leadership teams this service will help surface disparate and / or hidden agendas that can then be discussed openly and alignment achieved so that those who choose to stay on the team can move forward as a team.

Elephants I have known and trained:

  •  Stalled Business
  • Underperformance
  • Competitive strategy
  • Stakeholders who don’t share the same vision or urgency
  • Stakeholders that have different agendas
  • Stakeholders that aren’t equally committed
  • Business failure
  • Inability to implement change initiatives
  • Difficulty in developing a cohesive team
  • Cooperatively uncooperative employees
  • Inability to achieve objectives
  • Circular thinking
  • Burnout
  • Transformation
  • Lack of clarity
  • Succession to younger generation or staff
  • Sale to outside interest
  • Financing new initiatives or ownership transition
  • Business paralysis
  • Industry reimagining / reinvention

Elephant Training Fees:

First day onsite                                                                     $2,750

Second day +                                                                         $1,250

Travel                                                                              As incurred