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  Annual Interment Revenue      
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  Opening and closing fees      
  Merchandise sales      
  Miscellaneous income      
  Total At Need Interment Revenue      
  Commissions paid on at need sales      
  Endowment cost      
  Net Revenue From At Need Sales      
  Average At Need Net Revenue per interment      
  Other Non-Interment Related Revenue      
  Preneed sales      
  Commissions on preneed      
  Trust reserve      
  Variable sales and Reserve Costs          
  Net Income From Preneed Sales        
  Endowment Income        
  Miscellaneous income        
  Total Non-interment Related Revenue      
  Fixed Overhead          
  Net Fixed Overhead    
  Net Profit From Operations    
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  Interment Rights      
  Target Interment Rights    
  At Need Interment Revenue      
  Target At Need Interment Revenue          
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