Profit / Loss Forecaster                          
  1 Enter Beginning Year     9 What % do you expect to be able to raise cremation prices annually  
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  2 Enter Your Adult Call Volume     10 What is your average retail price currently for only Casket and Service                
  3 Enter your Current % of Cremation     11 What is your current average vault retail price?              
  4 Enter your year to year volume growth or decline %  
  12 What is your current average cremation retail                
  5 Enter your annual cremation % growth  
  13 Enter your average casket wholesale                
  6 What % is your merchandise cost increasing annually  
  14 Enter your average vault wholesale                
  7 What % is your overhead increasing annually  
  15 What % of burials include a vault?                
  8 What % do you expect to be able to increase burial prices annually?  
  16 Enter your current overhead or operating cost                
  Gross Adult Calls    
  Casket & Service Calls    
  Vault sales    
  Cremation Calls    
  Casket & Service Revenue    
  Vault Revenue    
  Cremation Revenue    
  Total Revenue    
  Cost of Sales                        
  Casket Cost    
  Vault Cost    
  Total Cost of Sales    
  Gross Margin    
  Net Profit (Loss)    
  Average Casket & Service    
  Average Vault sale    
  Average Cremation Sale    
  Average Overall Sale    
  Average Casket Cost    
  Average Vault Cost