1 Call Volume (all types)    
    2 Gross Revenue    
    3 Does Gross Revenue Include Cash advances?  
    5 Gross Revenue Net of Cash Advance    
    6 This is your Avge excluding cash advances: Does it look correct?    
    8 Enter Your Estimated EBITDAR Ratio.      (EBITDAR = Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization and Owner Rent.   It ranges from 20% for smaller firms to 30% for larger firms)    
    9 Estimated EBITDAR    
    10 Estimated Multiple (input your best guess)    
    11 Estimated Gross Value (A)    
    12 Gross Value Per Call (does this look right?)    
    13 Gross value as multiple of net revenue    
    14 Current Cash    
    15 Accounts Receivable     
    16 Short Term Liabilities    
17 Long term Liabilities
    18 Estimated Pre Tax Net Value(A)    
    (A) Includes Real Estate  
    This simple calculator is intended to provide users with a "Ballpark" estimate of value. It ignores the variables unique to your circumstances and, therefore, is not a substitute for a more thorough valuation.  
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