Do You Hate Confrontation?

Most of us do, especially those in the helping professions. Yet, we all know that our jobs require that we occasionally interact with others in challenging ways. When we engage this way our blood pressure rises, palms sweat and we may even lose sleep. For those of you who supervise or manage others here is a simple process that can change your perspective, make the effort less stressful and, in some instances, even encouraging.



  1. Howard Beckham says:

    Confrontation. I can not think of too many people who really like it. On the other had if a situation occurs one must be willing to face it. I have had to learn to slowly count to 10 or even walk away from a situation where I needed to calm down and reflect on for a time…but what I have discovered is that sometimes confrontation can be helpful. There are times when the situation involves miscommunication or heaven forbid, someone has picked up on a flaw that you may need to correct.
    Confrontation can be an opportunity to better understand an issue or problem, can foster better understanding, and all in all be turned into a positive situation if addressed correctly
    I have to confess I from time to time need to work on this more.
    I do use a quote I picked up some years ago from Dr. Stephen R. Covey “First seek to understand and then be understood.”
    When faced with conflict, I think that is good advice.

  2. Gerry Fictorie says:

    Thanks Alan, for the “Staff Clarification Process”. It it straight forward and not complicated.

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