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Rice Paddy to Rice Paddy in 3 Generations

Sociologists have discovered there is a saying in every culture that is best illustrated by the title to this article (which is the Chinese version). Basically, it refers to the lowly peasant who works hard to break out of the rice paddy life by starting a business which he then […]

Universal Requirements For Successful Family Transition

There are 3 Universal requirements for a successful family business transfer: A competent successor The Business is ready The owner is ready Part 1 – A Competent Successor A successor is competent when they have demonstrated both the ability and willingness to run the business. For most small businesses however this […]

You’re here…NOW WHAT! There are more ways to transition a business than just selling to a consolidator. You can transition fast and you can transition slow. You can plan to have your kids succeed you or your employees or another funeral home operator. But the one entity you want to […]

A  Strange  Bathroom Encounter–A Rite of Passage

It was between sessions at  an NFDA convention and busy in the bathroom.  An  older  gentleman approached  me and asked brusquely, “Are you Alan Creedy?”  Given his demeanour, for a moment, I wasn’t sure whether to say yes or run.   I finally said yes.  What he said next made […]

I read a lot and sometimes I preorder new books.  This Winter I preordered “THE REINVENTORS, How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change“ By Jason Jennings.  I started reading it last week and when I turned to page 60 lo and behold what did I see?  My friend Bill McQueen […]

Book Review: When Growth Stalls

When Growth Stalls, How it happens, why you’re stuck and what to do about it. By Steve McKee, Jossey-Bass 2009 “when growth stalls, everything begins to break down.  Confidence wanes, and it can be difficult to tell which problems are cause and which are effect.”  This simple statement hits too close […]

5 Emotional Stages of Selling Your Business

Selling a business is a highly practical exercise wrapped in a thick emotional blanket.  Much like the grief cycle we know so well in DeathCare there are stages that are common and, if you know about them, you can prepare. The more prepared you are the better you will be […]

Funeral Home Valuation Part 3: How To Present Your Operating Results

In order to properly determine EBITDA you first have to present your financial statements correctly. If you are not using an accounting service that specializes in the funeral or cemetery industry then it is highly likely that your financial statements are not presented in a manner that makes ratio analysis […]

Funeral Home Valuation Part 2: Why EBITDA?

Funeral home valuation, Funeral home appraisal, Cemetery Valuation, Cemetery Appraisal EBITDA became popular in the 70s and 80s when buyers were trying to locate companies that had strong cash flow outside of financing and capital Expenditure concerns. Since buyers were going to change the capital structure anyway, it was convenient to have […]