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Equalize Price Points to Crystallize Personal Relevance. This is the first recession to show a measurable impact on DeathCare.  Most surprising have been the many reports from rural and “rustbelt” funeral directors that cremation has recently spiked, not because people in their markets want cremation but BECAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD […]

There are, in fact, many firms today that remain in denial that our profession has changed dramatically and will continue to change into the foreseeable future. We cannot help them. I have lost count of the financial statements I have analyzed over the last several years. What strikes me is […]

A few years ago I was meeting with a husband and wife who operated a very successful funeral home. Like most successful people they were always looking for new ideas to help them stay in front of their competitors. To protect their privacy I’ll call them Bill and Jane. Over […]

Differentiating Your Funeral Home: Reinvent The Obituary

No One Dies So Poor He Doesn’t Leave Something Behind. Blaise Pascal Ya wanna know how to make a difference and set your funeral home apart?   Take some of your advertising budget and hire a good journalist to do what this video talks about and post them on your […]

Here is a public service announcement that you can really use. One of the things that occasionally happens at funerals, visitations, arrangement conferences and graveside services is that people have heart attacks. So, I think this would be important for your staff to see. As a PR idea I would […]

A Different Way To Think About Packaging

for the past 4 weeks I have been attempting to spark a conversation about Pricing Strategy against the backdrop of a recent Harvard Business Review article: “How to Stop Customers From Fixating on Price.” Candace Franco responded with great insight:  “Very thought provoking … but here is one I’d like […]

How To Stop Customers From Fixating on Price Part 3

Part 3 Willfully Overpricing to Stimulate Curiosity Last week we discussed the commoditized customer and the second of 4 pricing strategies: “Using Price Structure to Clarify Your Advantage.”  If you didn’t think I was certifiable last week there is a good chance you will be thinking about sending me for […]