The Wind Is Changing – The Conversation Project

For months now I have been telling DeathCare that the wind is changing in our favor.  The public attitude toward death and dying is changing at the GLOBAL level.  For the present those involved in this are all “grass roots” initiatives springing up independent of each other wherever I look.  I have examples in Singapore and Milwaukee, Vancouver and Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

People WANT to talk about the subject with their parents and with each other and, for now, they see DeathCare as experts who can help them with the information they need.

Eventually, someone will need an enemy to push against and since we make a convenient patsy they will choose us and if history is any prediction we will let them (our fault for letting them, not theirs).

ABC News has picked up the banner of The Conversation Project, A Harvard Medical School Initiative.  Watch this short video.

if you are unable to view click here

What I would do:

I would transform my bereavement program which really only impacts 10% of those I serve to a “PreDeath” Project and incorporate the Conversation Project and some of the other stuff I am gathering and make my funeral home the local expert on this matter.


  1. Where is the link to the wind is changing video?
    Maybe I missed it.

  2. Bill Bernhardt says:

    I think this “Conversation Project” is the predecessor to the “Required Obamacare end of life conversation”.

    The issues are important anyway. Unfortunately it completely ignores any discussion of after death planning. This should be a part of any end of life conversation. It will be up to funeral service to become involved in this project to get that into the conversation. Otherwise, all the conversation only addresses part of the problem.

  3. Howard Beckham says:

    An effective predeath educational program I believe is the direction to go in for future growth. There still needs to be a after care follow up as well, but the predeath program can involve more people, stimulate more caring involvement in the community and send a very positive message to the families of your community that will be mutually beneficial.
    Keep also in mind that change is something that never really stops.
    There will be new insights, new programs, new methods, etc that will come along. To be successful in the fast paced world today one must be able to be open to change, adapt to future trends, and overcome obstacles of progress.
    As Steve Job’s said, “Think differently.”

  4. The Conversation Project is a great instrument to use, although I am still at a standstill at incorporating it into our local community.

    I couldn’t access the video, can you emal me the link?

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