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Succession Planning

Retirement is an event…Succession is a process

Owning a business is not like having a job or making an investment in public stocks. Owning a business is deeply personal in multiple ways. Ownership certainly has rewards; but it also requires sacrifice, sometimes even hardship and loss.  Then, when you come to the end of that career and realize that you have less to show for it than you thought, you can’t help but be disappointed. 

It shouldn’t be that way and I can help.

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Value is calculated…Price is negotiated

Is what you get more important than what you keep?  By combining a Valuation Opinion with an Operational Assessment of their funeral home I help my clients answer this question AND understand how to make it worth more. More important: The minute you sell “Uncle Sam” wants his piece. So, I help you manage what you keep.

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Happiness is… positive cash flow

“It is not that the wrong things are being done. Indeed, in most cases, the right things are being done…but fruitlessly.”

Peter Drucker

I find that people often have a sense that they need to do something. Just as often they have an idea about what they should do. But, it is rare, for one to know how to do it… so, we do nothing.

My singular goal is to help you find clarity, purpose and a path to achieve what you want.

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