Difficult Conversations For Those Who Hate Conflict

Funeral directors are notorious for being conflict avoidant. Yet they have a job where they must engage in difficult conversations with staff, vendors and their customers. I used to attend a church with a pastor who would go to bizarre lengths to avoid conflict. He was beloved by the congregation and staff alike. But the [...]

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How To Be Smart About Buying Caskets

It has now become routine for me to analyze what they are paying in "True" wholesale prices for caskets. In the process I typically save tens of thousands of dollars for them over the course of a year. But what I do isn't rocket science. Nor does it always require they change vendors...although it often [...]

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Funeral Service and Post Traumatic Stress

After the Newton Massacre I brought up the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a blog entitled: PTSD: The Slow Leak in Funeral Service’ Tire I got so many responses I republished it as: The Unspoken Affliction:PTSD and the Funeral Director Since then I have received a number of comments and participated in several discussions [...]

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Conventional Incentives Don’t Work As Well As They Used To

The conventional incentive rewards the individual...usually with something monetary. Like so many things, incentives have evolved and become more complicated than a simple financial incentive. Not everyone is money motivated. A personal example: As long as I am earning what I need, money is not a motivator for me. I am, instead, motivated by discovery and [...]

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Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

In light of our recent presidential election this is especially fitting. The invective, threats and vitriol directed at our President - Elect pale in comparison to what President - Elect Lincoln experienced. Let's remember that he had to sneak into Washington because of the very real threat of assassination. People didn't protest they rioted. His [...]

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Buy Sell: The Texas Shoot Out Provision

I love the story of two little boys fighting over the last piece of cake. Mom comes into the kitchen as they are pushing and shoving and with "Solomon - like" wisdom says, "Johnny, Billy, there is enough for both of you. Johnny I want you to cut the cake into two pieces and Billy [...]

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