Covid – 19 and The Reinvention of Spring Burials

Covid - 19 and The Reinvention of Spring Burials Talking with funeral directors across the nation and Canada I am hearing (as you are experiencing) that you are busy but the services are mostly abbreviated or direct. So your revenue is deeply affected. Many wonder what funeral service will be like after we struggle to return [...]

Creedy Not Bloodless After All

Blood Drives...Something You Can Do During the Pandemic Well there is a picture you can't unsee. Me giving blood at Pierce Jefferson Funeral Home in Greensboro. A few weeks ago I suggested to some of my clients they hold a blood drive. Several of them took me up on it. The first was Danny Jefferson [...]

Callaway – Jones Stay At Home Arrangements Helper

Callaway Jones Funeral offers "Stay At Home" Arrangement Helper. My friend, Cody Jones, of Callaway - Jones Funeral Home is offering a guide for his customers to prepare for arrangement conferences, sign documents and make choices.  He has given permission to share it.  click on the link below. And while you are there explore his [...]


CRäKN ELIMINATES CASE FEES DURING CORONA CRISIS TO HELP FUNERAL DIRECTORS WORK FROM HOME CRäKN is a relatively new funeral management tool that enables funeral directors to coordinate all aspects of delivering services via smart phone and pc.  You and your staff and many of your vendors interact remotely in real time. CRäKN facilitates every [...]

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How To Know When You are Ready To Exit Your Business

How To Know When You are Ready To Exit Your Business The answer to this challenge is both situational and personal. Whether you plan on leaving the business altogether or you want to work as long as you are able, most people agree that achieving financial independence should be a primary goal. You may want [...]

Recruiting At Zaxby’s

Recruiting at Zaxby's The single greatest challenge facing funeral service is not cremation.  It is our inability to find and recruit and retain good quality funeral directors. Fully 2/3 of the current licensee labor pool is over 55. Our inability to replace this work force has very nasty consequences.  Not only will families be [...]

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Two Questions Professional Experts Ask Themselves Before Meeting With Clients

These two questions will help you set the stage and provide the service your families are looking for. Today, there are two schools of thought on how to attract more families: Low cost Hyper service To be financially successful as a low-cost provider requires a level of discipline and cost control rarely seen among [...]