Conventional Incentives Don’t Work As Well As They Used To

ohio-state-helmetThe conventional incentive rewards the individual…usually with something monetary. Like so many things, incentives have evolved and become more complicated than a simple financial incentive.

Not everyone is money motivated. A personal example: As long as I am earning what I need, money is not a motivator for me. I am, instead, motivated by discovery and results. I am energized when I am able to find better ways to achieve better results. When the results happen I want to do it again. Nothing else works for me. Some people say I am motivated by helping people. I am always pleased when I can do that but improvement in their lives is my measuring stick. I want to be the catalyst that helps them “ratchet up”

Millenials have been under scrutiny regarding what might possibly motivate them. It turns out it is simpler but counterintuitive. Their motivation comes from alignment with their values and their values are heavily invested in the social side of life.

This Harvard Business Review post speaks to the transformation of incentive from individual to team. It makes sense to me.



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