Should Women Wear Pant Suits?

style-9091-slim-fit-notch-lapel-one-button-angled-flap-pocket-mid-hip-length-womens-pant-suit-for-work-with-plain-front-wide-leg-pantsI seem to have a penchant for joining fights that aren’t mine. Not long ago I was presenting a seminar on dress and decorum to funeral directors at a large state convention. Several women asked for my opinion on wearing pants. Frankly, I hadn’t thought about it so I didn’t have one.

Since then, I have been doing an informal survey. It seems that many funeral homes require a dress or skirt be worn by females at all times.

I have learned that a dress or skirt can often be awkward at the most inopportune moments. While I can not report based on experience, I am told that certain physical activities necessary to the profession (i.e. removing bodies, lowering caskets at the cemetery and so on) cause a skirt or dress to “ride up” resulting in exposure or forcing the hapless female to simultaneously adjust her clothing while attempting to help their colleague.

Since I have been asked for my opinion I offer it here. If I owned a funeral home I would allow my female staff to wear Professional style pant suits. I would also encourage them to wear skirts or dresses at visitations and receptions where the risk of embarrassment would be less.

And while I am at it my wife says I should also remind women that not all women look good sans pantyhose. (Again, I wouldn’t know this personally)

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