The Simpler The Strategy The More Likely The Success

Why do DeathCare Practitioners get these “Deer In The Headlight” looks when you use the word “Strategy” in their presence?

I think it’s partly because they don’t really know where to start what can really be a pretty simple activity.  And, besides, somebody keeps changing the starting point every darn day.

If you attend enough conventions and seminars you can’t help but be aware we have too many options and not enough clarity.

Whenever confusion and indecisiveness set in a good coach will tell you to go back to basics and start over.  And that is what most practitioners need to do.  After all doing nothing in a rapidly changing business environment is the same as doing something except it’s riskier.  Kind of like forgetting to get out of the way when a car is about to run you down.

The truth is: Developing a simple but doable strategy for your future isn’t as complicated as you might think.

This 3+ minute video below illustrates how simple it can be.

You don’t always need a complicated SWOT analysis or offsite retreat. Often by focusing on key essentials you can figure out where you need to go and get there a lot faster.

As I watched this video I couldn’t help think of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.  These were leaders who took daunting challenges and reduced them to simple goals that everyone understood and could get behind.   Here is how I would phrase it if I were to address a funeral home staff:  

“I don’t have to tell you that today’s family isn’t like the families we USED to serve.  (gain consensus)

We either need to adapt or get left behind.  And if we get left behind we get left out.  And I didn’t sign up for that and I don’t think you did either.  I am not going to tell you I have all the answers but I believe we can find the answers if we are willing to make the effort and suffer the inevitable mistake along the way.  I am choosing to adapt.  (take a leadership stand)

If you’re with me let’s start focusing on our key drivers.  (start doing something)

If you’re not we need your support in the day-to-day operations until you can find another job…and that means you too dad. (clarify the culture)”

Oh, and I would probably fire the “Ten Call Tyrant” on the spot…just to save time.  He’ll leave anyway.

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