The One Question You Need To Ask

Is it too much to ask for a simple, easy to understand customer survey that is accurate and corresponds directly with repeat business and profitability? Something you can understand and follow through on at a glance?

Turns out it is not. A few years ago a Bain and Company Executive published a book entitled “The Ultimate Question” about a project which led to the optimal and simplest way to measure effectiveness. Since its discovery and execution the “Net Promoter” Score (NPS) has been adopted by many major companies, many of them global. A short list would include GE, Southwest Airlines, USAA insurance, and Ebay. NPS is a measurement of promoters Vs. detractors among your customer base. Over the last decade it has proven it is directly corellated with revenue growth and profitability.

A couple of years ago I encouraged some of my funeral director friends to adopt this simple measurement tool. They have found it is simple, easy to understand and, best of all, very inexpensive. and, yes, it is a truer indicator of performance than any other measure.

Famously, in the movie “City Slickers” Jack Palance tells us to focus on One Thing and turns out that if you focus on your NPS everything else will follow.

The question: “On a scale of 0-10 how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or relative?” I recommend an open-ended followup question: “why did you rate us this way?”

Click below to see what the survey looks like.

lohman card

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