We All Know The Questions…It’s Time For Some Answers

register click here buttonSometimes the course of our lives depends on what we do…or what we don’t do.


  • Will my kids be able to enjoy the same rewards and lifestyle as I have?
  • What am I supposed to do with the investment I have in facilities and rolling stock?
  • How can I get myself, much less my staff, reoriented to today’s consumer?
  • What does the public value and how do I transition my company to meet that value?
  • How do I tell the public convincingly that I offer what they want?
  • How do I price my services so cremation has less impact on my bottom line?
  • Is it worth it?
  • If I sell what is it worth?
  • If I buy what is it worth?
  • If I knew what to do, where can I find the resources to do it?
  • How much time do I have? Is it enough?

It has been said that when one has a hammer every problem is a nail. Yet, we keep swinging our hammer at what used to be a nail but became something altogether different some years ago.

I believe even the most backward of our colleagues knows that we must change to remain viable as a profession AND as a prosperous business. But HOW is the key.

Where Are The Answers??

So, if you feel like you are going in circles; maybe you think you know what to do…maybe not. I guarantee you will be able to sort at least some of it out at my 21st Century Summit October 28 – 30 Click Below to learn more.

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And even if you decide not to come remember these pieces of advice:

  1. “By the inch it’s a cinch. By the yard it’s hard”
  2. Just because another funeral director is excited about some idea doesn’t mean it’s right for your firm.
  3. There are answers that apply to you and your situation but sometimes you have to dig for them and more often you have to be willing to hear them.

And finally, the philosophy that has enabled me to successfully engineer a host of business rescues through out my career:

“There are NO new problems. The only challenge is to find someone who has already solved your particular problem and begin moving toward the solution”

And that is what the 21st Century Summit is all about. Join me October 28 – 30 to see hands on one solution. More important: begin to learn how to address your own problem.

Sign up for my 21st Century Summit Today.

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