5 Ways To Breathe Life Into Your Business

This week I was privileged to be interviewed by Sebastian Thalhammer of Austria. You may or may not have heard of Sebastian but he is a pretty interesting media guru who somehow decided I had something to say. So, Here is my “15 minutes of fame.”

Actually, it’s 45 minutes but it does have some interesting insights on how to compete more effectively and some resources you can access to help you do it.

Get yourself a cup of coffee…or a beer, relax and learn something.

Here is what I would do:

This interview may inspire some dialogue in your business. If I were you I would schedule a staff meeting, bring in some popcorn, cast the video onto one of your monitors (I know you have them). After you finish it these questions might spark a positive dialogue:

  1. What were Alan and Sebastian saying about the market that we are seeing?
  2. How could we respond or assimilate to realize a competitive advantage?
  3. What could we do that might make an impact today?
  4. What should we be planning for today that will make a difference by next year?
  5. Who will do it?

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