Callaway – Jones Stay At Home Arrangements Helper

Callaway Jones Funeral offers "Stay At Home" Arrangement Helper. My friend, Cody Jones, of Callaway - Jones Funeral Home is offering a guide for his customers to prepare for arrangement conferences, sign documents and make choices.  He has given permission to share it.  click on the link below. And while you are there explore his [...]

Liking What You Do Is Not The Issue

I was visiting with a friend last week and the conversation went, briefly, to some mutual acquaintances. We noted how angry they had become as their careers had progressed and concluded they were really frustrated with the career they had inherited from their parents. Disappointment is a normal part of life. Some respond with increasing [...]

Expert Opinion: The Need to Be Nimble

Earlier this year Rick Baldwin used a comment by famed hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, in his post: "How To Be Exceptional In The New Normal".  Here Bruce Buchanan, CEO of The Buchanan Group adds his perspective to Rick's. Bruce Buchanan As funeral professionals we are torn by two forces when we take on [...]

Expert Opinion: Game Changers

Game-changers are those events that intervene in our lives, on athletic fields, and in our businesses that forever change everything. In our personal lives we identify marriages, deaths, and moving to a new city as the easiest examples of game-changers.  In baseball, a homerun changes everything. In business, innovation is the most thought-of [...]

EXPERT OPINION: How to Be Exceptional in the “New Normal”

When asked what it was that made him so exceptional a hockey player, Wayne Gretzky is said to have responded, "I see my job a little different from most other hockey players.”  Pressed for details, he said, "my job is to skate to where the puck is going to be.” The question that all of [...]