My discussion of reinvention / transformation has sparked more comment (online and offline) than most any other topic. Clearly it is on every one's mind. As we continue to explore this topic it is important...maybe critical...that we realize that we have an obligation to ourselves and to the public to be conscious of keeping a [...]

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Alan Creedy: Sensory Rich Mission Statements Work

It is accepted wisdom that companies should have a mission statement.  In most cases this exercise produces a plain vanilla restatement of something that sounded good. Effective mission statements connect with personal values...for both the members of the organization and those they serve.   Some are bold others are just simple statements of commitment.  But the [...]

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Alan Creedy: A Better “About Us” Page for $500

When you look at websites they all contain some form of "about us" page that is nothing more than BORING! With this client we wanted to change that by accomplishing as much as possible of the following: Make the staff real Make them approachable Position them as warm and caring people Express in sensory rich [...]

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