How interesting! As I step out to encourage this profession to not give in but take a stand and fight for itself I find more than I expected joining the cause.

Apropos of everything my friend, Bruce Buchanan, brought an article to my attention published via The Wall Street Journal that succinctly expresses many of the points I am attempting to make in my most recent series of posts.  Here are a few excerpts to underscore the relevance of the comments in this important article.  I recommend you print it out and tape it above your desk, or wherever you sit the most, to remind yourself.

“You may have heard the world has a few problems…It’s easy to accept the standard story of the future: it’s all going to be rubbish…Luckily there are enough human beings that don’t accept this narrative, who believe things can change for the better and, crucially do something about it…Pragmatic Optimists, who admit the scale and nature of challenges ahead of us but still resolve to do something anyway should have more of our support.”

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